The Ultimate Jodie Marsh Issue of Zoo Magazine


Jodie Marsh gets it.  She knows what she has and makes sure everyone else knows it too.   I believe I need a personal training session from her.  I wonder if  that actually has to take place at the gym?   Funny that Zoo Magazine featured her in November. Wouldn’t it have been creative if they did the Ultimate Marsh issue actually in March? (See what I did there, again?)  Anywho, she’s a UK Tabloid Celeb that loves to show her fun bags and get frisky. She is the perfect role model for my stepdaughter.  Enjoy these pics and check out Zoo Magazine for other hot issues.

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#TBT Stacey Dash – We miss Dash Ass!!


All about that Ass, bout that ass, bout that ass. Seriously?  Yes, seriously!  We need Stacey Dash to be in another semi-hit movie. Possibly a silent film?  An adult one? Starring her and your’s truly!  Unfortunately the only headlines she makes these days are due to her amazing opinions and political views – because we all know celebrities really excel in the political area.  A little IMDBage reveals she’s in a movie called “Lap Dance” with Carmen Electra? That’s fantastic – this should definitely be a career booster!  I mean look what it did for Jessie Spannow in Showgirls!   Stacey you are hot, uber fucking hot. Let’s get back to basics and back to getting naked.  Enjoy these pics of the #beautiful Stacey Dash from her 2006 Playboy spread at the age of 40!!

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Nip Slip November – Time to give Thanks!

Margot Robbie Nip Slip

Much like Celebrity Upskirts – Nip Slips are too a thing of beauty.  November has certainly been the month for giving thanks – thanks for soo many lovely celebitry nipples. Besides KK’s Ass taking up the entire interweb – #JLaw broke some records with people wanting to legitimately get a peak at her nipples.   Here’s a little collection of the “Nipples of November” .   With that being said.. what’s in store for December?

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UPDATE: More Tits and Ass, Full Intercourse in the Sex Tape!!!

How much oil did they have to use?  Is that her panties she is holding up ? Holy shit that thing is massive!!!   Seriously her ass is sooo big you kinda forget how extraordinary it is until you see it again – all of it at once .  Kim’s ass is kinda like when you visit New York City and look up at some of the buildings .  You forget how big they really are until they’re right there in front of you!!!

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