Slutty Selfie of the Week: Aubrey O Day

Aubrey O Day…   Meh..   she’s not making My Day so much..  I mean yeah she has beautiful BAGS of FUN – but what makes her so special? IDK maybe today I am just Aubrey O Gay for not fawning all over this pic like the other 7,000+ people are.   She’s hot – don’t get me wrong, she just seems like  a dime a dozen in that ever ending plethora of hot blonde singer/model/brain surgeons who try to fuck their way into an C list Hollywood acting career.

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Christina Aguilera gets naked while somebody is inside her


Oh Xtina how I’ve missed your sinful ways. You were a hot little minx always willing to show more skin than Britney.. Then you grew up, grew bigger and had a lot more skin to show. You look normal again, besides from the person growing in your stomach, I have to say you look yummy. I guess you liked posing pregnant so much the first time you just had to do it again. Thankfully this time I can change the exposure on your images and say hi to your nipples – which will soon become a milking factory or not.  Maybe celebs don’t breast feed because they don’t want to ruin their nipples or lose their breasts.  Yeah right who are we kidding.. She has FAKE TITS!

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Morning Quickie: Taylor Swift toys with our Upskirt fantasies and More

Taylor Swift Upskirt

Monica Lewinsky doesn’t like being jizzed on anymore.

Avril Lavingne’s 17 carat anniversary ring could feed a country in Africa.

Julia Roberts opens her mouth for Jimmy Fallon’s balls in her face.

Steven Colbert wants to play “daddy” with young women.

Taylor Swift nearly upskirts for us.

Hulk Hogan’s money is being sued by Linda Hogan’s boy toy.

Courtney Stodden gets hot and sweaty.

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