Maitland Ward doesn’t Anal Bleach


I guess I need a view-a-thon of “Boy Meets World” because I had no idea who Maitland Ward was.  Too bad my sexy little Jenny Schecter isn’t around – because she was into weird things like that.  Apparently there was another girl on that show besides Topanga and that dude with the drooling problem and curly hairy..  Guess what Maitland?  Uncle Scooty knows you now!  In fact I am kinda infatuated with these pictures.  Yes – she’s not showing any bush – but she probably doesn’t have one and if she did you probably wouldn’t want to see it because she’s a ginger.   (On closer inspection you can make out some fur-burgerage from behind) What strikes me most fascinating is the discoloration of her ass crack.  One could only assume that continues throughout her ladybits.  With outfits and pictures like these, only time will tell.

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Miley Cyrus – Topless Goodness


So have Hannah Montana’s Tata’s become irrelevant at this point? Has she #freethenipple’d to the point where we don’t really care anymore?  I’m slobbering on the fence .  Yes – it’s like seeing that same old after school special over and over again, but you still watch it anyway, with a juice-box and microwave popcorn .  On the other hand I think she is waaaaay overdue for a filthy raunchy sex tape. How else can the Queen of Twerk reinvent herself to stay relevant?  Until we’re privy enough to see some full on vaginal workings  we’ll have to keep settling for Hannah’s Montata’s.

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30 Days of Panty Luvin Celebrity Upskirts



Who doesn’t love the ‘ol panty flash, the sneak a peak and the undeniable upskirt? Nobody that’s who. Like a snowflake – a thing of beauty, they only last a mere second or two and then their gone. BUT thanks to the invention of the  interweb and high-speed paparazzi camera telephoto lenses… THEY LIVE FOR EVER! Enjoy the latest round of A to D listers flashing their undies so people like us can #gawk!

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